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When I Was Young #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Lawrence Ogidi and son, Darasimi

Lawrence Ogidi and son, Darasimi

The doctor on knowing what happened released the EDD to them and they took it back to

Their manager who after receiving the issued a letter to one of the staff to take home to her

Wife in the evening stating to her that the management has sent her husband with others to

Another island to oversee a project there and he stated in the letter that it would take him

About three months before he returns, but immediately he gets to the place, he will write her

Because during this period, technology is not as advanced as this, thence phone is not as

Common as this then. Those who own phones then are extremely rich people within the

Island. After they had sealed this, one person suggests to the manager of the need to look for

Someone whose handwriting resembles her husband’s to be writing her regularly. On stating

This, the manager says, it is better they write a small note in the handwriting of her

Husband, to tell her that he writes this in a hurry and would write her extensively when he

Gets to where he is going. They all agreed that it makes sense. They checked through the

Archives and discover some of the documents he has written in the time past and they

Looked for someone who is a friend in the establishment to ask him few words about what he

Used to call his wife. After getting these, someone wrote on his behalf.

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The letter was given to the woman in the evening after the day’s work. The woman

Sensed some foul play but couldn’t place it right because the handwriting resembles the

Handwriting of her husband, no doubt about it. And when she opens the letter of the manager

Seeing what he also wrote to her, the palpitation of her heart drops and asks the person to

Greet the manager for her. The death of the man was hidden from the woman till she puts to

Bed as the management ensures that they get someone from her family to be helping her with

Her household chores. They are also sending her things regularly being acclaimed to be

From her spouse in the central island. It was this incident that changed the way I drive within

The island, for I do not want my child to be without a father, nor my wife to be a widow. I

Thought this is all I need to change my orientation in life, but I discovered that I was

Gravely mistaken because as I continue to grow in stature and age, I discover from the daily

Medical tit-bits that I used to hear from the Public Health Officers in the island and through

Television and radio that as one grows in age, one needs to check how one is eating and

What one is eating. In the early days of my youthful days, even till when I got married I

Know that I love sweet things, but the medical personnel say such is not good for people as

One grows in age, one needs to be changing his diet. Well, I was trying to change my

Diets, but I have not fully changed them until one of my friends’ father took ill, and the

Doctor has to explain to us because I sat with him on the hospital bed that his father’s

Condition is caused by some foods he was delighted in taken over the years, and even if

He is cured of some of the associated complications he will yet be living on drugs till he dies.

Then the medical personnel while talking says that is why it is good that one checks one’s

Pattern of foods when one is growing to avoid diseases like this when one grows old. The

Medical personnel now says, when we were young, we used to run after death and death

Would flee us, but when we are grown up, getting old, it is death that is pursuing us, and we

Are fleeing from it, because at that stage we shall not want to die, we all want to eat the

Fruits of our labors, we all want to see our children’s children and many other things, thus,

During this stage we would not drive recklessly because we have wife and children at home,

But when we were young none of these do come to our hearts, for we used to think we

Even own the whole world during our youthful days. After leaving the medical personnel

Place, I concur with the apostle of the bible that, when I was a child, I spake as a child, I

Understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away

Childish things.Now I have put off childish things, not thinking like youths again but

Thinking like a responsible man who has spouse and children to take care of and live a

Healthy life, thence, I can now not drive recklessly again, but I drive cautiously such that

Other road users would even say, I should go and employ a driver if I know that I am just

Learning how to drive, they do not know what has brought about my change in attitudes.

Quotation: 1 Corinthians 13:11


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