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When I Was Young #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Pamilerin Ogundare

Pamilerin Ogundare

One day when he sees one young guy driving recklessly around, he looked at him and

Shook his head saying to no one in particular, youthful age can only be enjoyed when one is

Young, but when one is old, one begins to see the world from different perspective, little

Wonder, one of the greatest authors in the Holy writ says, when I was a child, I spake as

A child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put

Away childish things. pausing and then continuing, I remember when I was young too that

I used to ride my bicycle recklessly for I have no thought of tomorrow. After I received my

First salary for in my island one would receive his salary six months after he has been

Working with the government, then they will pay all the backlog of the salaries he has

Worked for, for the past six months. That was what happened to me, I received my salary

At the end of the sixth month that I have been working with the state government, and being

An accumulated salary, after I deducted the money I have borrowed from relatives and

Friends to sustain myself while working with the government and pay them back, the

Money left on my I bought a motorcycle from it, which is superior to bicycle in my island.

Then I was yet to be engaged to any lady, I am living alone in my apartment. I will leave my

House when it is five minutes to resumption time in the office, and I will ride the

Motorcycle on high speed to where I am going, because I would not like to be late to office

So that I will not be queried by my superior in the office. When I speed past people in the

Neighborhood, they will complain and some will shout at the top of their voices that what

Is wrong with this young man, while another would say “please don’t kill our children in the

Neighborhood”. I continued like this and after I was promoted to the next phase, I bought a

Car. People thought now that I have bought a car I should drive carefully, yet I am not

Careful in my driving. People started talking to me that since I am now gainfully employed,

For government work in my island in the time past is a rare one, limited numbers of people

Lumé - Young Man (Official Music Video)

Are working with the government, I need to settle down, I need to get a woman that I can

Call my own. I do not have a lady at hand for I was living a carefree life. One of my niece

Talk with her friend for me and we started seeing each other. Six months after our romantic

Involvement, we formalized everything and started living together. When we are

Romantically involved she never checked my ways of living for I was yet living a riotous life

Then, but after she takes in and got registered at the government hospital where I have my

Health insurance scheme for the family, one day after dropping her for her antenatal

Clinic, on my way back to office, I saw an accident, and the man died on the spot. Where the

Accident occurred accident hardly occurs there for the place is a plain and straight path on the

Tortuous road. People called the police to the scene while others were talking about the

Young man, and they were saying his wife is pregnant and heavy with pregnancy, they were

Saying they need to keep his death away from her wife so that she will not have forced

Abortion and deliver the baby prematurely. They were talking on the “formula” to use to

Present the matter to her so that she will be calmed down and would not think too much of

Her husband if she does not see her at home at night. To this I was asked to take them to the

Workplace of her husband and on getting to the place, narrating what happened to the

Manager and taken a note for the woman that her hubby alongside with others in the office

Have been sent outside the island for an emergency meeting. Before the letter was written the

Manager asks to know the hospital where the man’s wife is using for her antenatal clinic.

And they sent someone whom the wife does not know to the hospital to get the expected date

Of delivery (EDD) as it is called by the medical personnel from the doctor.


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