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When I Fell in Love

I'm a mathematician and have taught mathematics and related courses for over 3 years. Still working on myself. Still I rise

When I Fell in Love

The experience was sweet

That I didn't want it to end

I always wanted to be with you

I wanted to hear you talk

I wanted to see you listen

To me while I talked

I was never bored of it

And I knew I was in love

When I fell in love

I enjoyed holding you

While you rested upon me

I never felt your weight

For pressures were only tender

And now burdens were very light

I never was tired of holding you

Because I knew I was in love

When I fell in love

My heart melted

Each time

The thought of you came in

I would smile for joy

That I was living

In a world that contains you

And I wanted it to last forever

And now the memory will last

Even though love has deserted us

I still think of when I fell in love


© 2019 Ehilenbalu David Uduebor