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When I Fall It Won't Be Into Line

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


Walking down the paths of life,

Paths leading through conduits of the mind.

My oh my, how the trees do grow strong here,

I stop to immerse in their beauty divine.

Along comes the crowd of my peers,

Boisterous they are in every broken step.

No more broken than my own world,

Yet the birds fly away and trees decay as they pass.

"Come, come along," they yell as they go by,

But the invitation hit me like poisons of isolation.

Sick to my stomach as the flowers of life wilted,

"No," I said, "I'll nurse this forest back to life!"

Fleeting hopes of a wanting mind,

One man could not nurture the forest.

No man could cry the tears necessary,

To water the forests of love alone.

"Set fire to him, the fool who wishes to heal,"

In lieu of my conformity I am given gasoline and lit matches.

I refuse to pour and light, so they dump and ignite on my behalf,

The consequences of their own actions disgust them.

"Fool, you fool, you burn and only we can put you out."

The contempt in every exchange feigns compassion.

The fires of hatred won't burn deep, it won't make me fall,

For when I fall it will not be into line.

If I am to fall then let the ashes scatter,

My decay shall nourish the forest of passion.

Better to burn in fires of vitriol and spite,

Than to poison the forest for my own delight.

Oh beautiful forest, the forest of life,

Won't you continue to grow for me?

Provide for me the apples of wisdom,

Give me pollination of the mind.

Oh glorious forest, the forest of all,

Take back what it is you are owed.

I offer my entirety to your roots,

When I fall it will be at your feet in worship.

Writer's Block Doodles

I'm suffering from less creative writer's block today, because I can't really think of anything I want to touch on in any real depth. Luckily my poetry doodles are always a great fallback option, and even put a smile on my face if I hit on something decent. This piece is just about not going with any flow, doing what you feel is best, and giving to your own life the respect it deserves.

Never forget, you deserve to respect yourself regardless of others' opinions.

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