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Stationary Writing On It's Own

I cannot take credit for the simple relief

for the uncompromised release of

What's bothering

Sometimes of instant's and moments being overcome

All ready

Already begun

Crowning of ink imprints a message of it's own

Leaving a stain of question

waiting yet to be sewn

Remove from it's capsule

and swallow thine pride

Confident of consumption

more fulfilling than denied

My tears are for peace

and a flooding of the soul

For I cannot resist

the power of returning whole

Tears being reserved for beautiful things

has enabled my heart's according strings

Music! Music! An endeavoring made

to compensate 'or everything

Now skies will catch my gaze

Now smiles will remember

my name.

Do you sense the winds calling?

The gentle huggings assuage

© 2017 Courtney Grant

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