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When He Dies

Poet, translator and writer of many books of poems. She is interested in literature and culture studies.

When We Leave


After It Ends

He looks at me

"Now you have come?"

I looked at his shadow, his withering face

The dense air of the room began to freeze me,

I tremble and ran out

Out of the shadowed rocks

Out of the ice and fire

That stretches its mouth to gulp and devour

I ran out till the villagers reached,

Assembled and making arrangements to carry

The dead, the body will burn,

He will burn

The body will freeze,

He will freeze

He will burn and burn and burn until burning impossible,

I shall die till dying impossible,

I shall return someday to remember

If he had smiled when he asks me, "now you have come?"

Could I remember? Could I?

Could I remember the dark denizens hovering

At his deathbed, laughing at me

"Now you have come?"

Now I come.

Now he goes?

© 2021 Ilina Jones

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