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When Good Memories Are Lost

There Is Little We Can Do

Growing up we have all had our share of special events

May it be birthday parties, weddings or christenings and anniversaries

These good times are fun and filled with family and friends

As a young boy I always wanted to capture these memories for years to come

I have saved many cards and pictures of many of these blessed times

Unfortunately, over the years they get moved around a lot

In the process some have been damaged from water and unfortunate occurrences

Now looking over what is left

Is a sad reminder of what once was

I took great care on trying to preserve these wonderful highlights

I once spent time transferring them to the computer

Those were also lost when my hard drive crashed

The important thing is I got to be there when it all meant so much

I was trying to do the impossible

This is years before people put pictures in the cloud

Advances in technology

I guess I was ahead of my time

At the same time when times advanced

I didn't see my window of opportunity

I was busy thinking of so many other thoughts

Believing what pictures and other memories I had saved was still safe

I think about people that were in a fire

A national disaster and are so fortunate to make it out alive

They have lost everything

So my feelings are small to their loss

I keep moving ahead and experience the grief and let it go

For there are more important things to always enjoy

From time to time the sadness will return

I will combat it with great new memories and lovely people I adore

We don't know what hand we will be dealt in life

All we can do is make the best of it

At the same time help others who are less fortunate

Going to sleep happy works for me

Knowing we did all we could

In the time we have

© 2021 DREAM ON

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