When Emotions Rise

Updated on December 20, 2017

All of us feel overwhelmed by our emotions at one point or another. Some of us try to hide the emotions. Others try to talk them out. Writers, mostly, try to write about them. However, it often happens that the feelings we wish to convey are impossible to be put into words. Those emotions, it seems, can only be felt.


When Emotions Rise

Words fall short when emotions rise;

It really is painful to say goodbyes.

Stuck in a whirlpool, no exits we seek;

Those feelings make us feel so weak.

Stuttering and muttering, we utter a few words,

Inside our hearts, we cry worth worlds;

Our world being torn, we let out a tear,

Even as farewells our lips begin to wear.

We shroud ourselves in a desire of it not lasting forever,

These ties, we will, never, never let anyone sever!

Even though new beginnings follow sorrowful adieus,

And bring to us hopes of all happy hues;

Those parting words do tear us apart,

Taking with them, a bit of our heart.

Even so, the whirlpool seems without an escape-

Making emptiness seem like a beautiful escape;

When dreading that moment, time flies,

Our mind begins to weave alluring lies.

It truly is painful to say goodbye,

The excuse of a “happy beginning” the heart refuses to buy;

We smile, we laugh, or at least we try,

Even if those sentiments completely belie;

Our lips learn to form the most perfect guise,

What betrays us always, are our devious eyes.

Artists could paint to depict the pain;

The colours will dry out, the pain will remain.

Wordsmiths could write volumes and still fail

At describing this agony of the departure trail.

Poets could weave epics about goodbyes,

But, words will always fall short when emotions rise.




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    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 4 months ago from Hightstown

      I love this the colors will dry out but the pain is there does anything go away very well said.