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When To Write Poems?


I write when my thoughts are too much, my mind needs to let go fast.
I write when I am so happy I am afraid I'll forget the day.
I write when I am sad the pain makes me find a way to hold a pen and let them out in a pad.
To set them free.
I write when I see beautiful things.
The little wondrous things that are amazing.
I write whenever I meet beautiful people inspiring me to do good and do more.
I write whenever I meet bitter people reminding me to not dive in into the world of shameful becoming.
I write when my heart is full of love it makes me write the sweetest words I almost hate sometimes.
I write poems whenever I see old couples holding hands.
They make me believe that there are beautiful things that last.
I write poems when the sky is blue and calm.
It reminds me to not rush things and be good to who I am.
I write poems whenever I witness good deeds.
It makes me proud.
I know that one small act of good will echo the loudest sound.
I write poems when I see children laughing and playing unaware of what the world had become.
It reminds me that I can do more by being just nice and calm.

Poetry makes us more.
To ourselves, to others and to the world of the future.
So when do you write poems?

© 2020 Old Notebook Poetry

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