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When Did We Get to Be Grownups

KnWettstein is a lifelong plant science nerd most recently a landscaper, She loves to write poetry and stories in her spare time.


When did we get to be grown-ups

It seems like just yesterday we were rallying against our parents to stay up past our bedtimes yet still demanding a story before being tucked in tight

When did we get to be grown-ups

When did we start sitting at the table to figure out the bills that are due versus the bills we have paid

When did we get to be grown-ups

I swear just the other day we in the backyard having shootouts with cap guns

Has it really been so long ago

When did we get to be grown-ups

With, children who now do the things I thought we were just doing

When did we get to be grown-ups

People who have responsibilities; children we now look after and not just ourselves

When did we get to be grown-ups

Bodies that can no longer stay up all night and be okay the next day for school because we have work and life responsibilities to worry about

When did we get to be grown-ups

Did we ever stop being children or did we just push those behaviors aside

Have we really become grown-ups did it really happen

When did we get to be grown-ups; when did it happen

I guess I may say in the blink of an eye you're a grown up

Before you know it you're a grown-up

Somewhere along the way, life must have sped up I am sure of it

I know as I look and see you I say you're a grown-up

Then one day I glanced in a mirror and said

When did I get to be grown-up

I don't know when but hey look I'm finally here


KnWettstein (author) from United States on February 12, 2019:

Thanks for the comment, Diane ;)

Diane on February 12, 2019:

I really enjoyed this writing.

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