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When Her Creation Dies


Her soul begins to fade from life.
The poison runs its course.
Moonbeam droplets fall from her eyes as she says her goodbyes.
“This is the end of my creation, my existence,” the goddess whispers.
The world is still for a moment.
But as she falls into an eternal slumber her creation falls with her.

The glaciers begin to weep and melt away.
Mountains crumble with grief.
The lands become dry and barren.
Volcanoes erupt in anger.
And the oceans turn dark and toxic.

Life on earth becomes chaotic in its final stages.
And as the goddess lets go of life
her creation dies with her.


Lorna Lamon on March 13, 2020:

An emotional and poignant poem Elise. You have captured the demise well, especially in the last verse. Beautiful.

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