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When A Good Day Only Gets Better

Two Is My Favorite Number

Waking up early

I had plans to go outside

My wife had plans to change over the summer clothes to the winter clothes

Guess who got their way?

I never had a chance

We left to do a couple of errands

Our lawn mower recently stopped working

So we went out to check out a used lawn mower for sale for fifty dollars

We both agree in our philosophy

If we save a little here

It can be spent or saved else where

After that running a little late

We bought a chicken at B.J.'s wholesale club

The whole rotisserie chicken cost only $5.49

It is incredible and so tasty

We will probably get three meals out of it

At the same time we stopped at McDonald's

Pressed on time

We picked up a double cheeseburger and a fish fillet meal and added an apple pie

Almost fourteen dollars later

McDonalds isn't that cheap anymore

Quick eats taste so good

Healthy not so much but we had grab something in a rush

It's better than nothing

I pulled out some raw string beans and half a tomato to make it a little healthier

My wife went off to work

She loves working from home

I am going to put our summer cushions away and the umbrellas

Rake some leaves and clean up the yard

All said and done

It was a lot of fun

The two of us

Getting lost trying to find the guys house for the lawnmower

The G.P.S. took us in circles

We may not have the best life

What we do have is a close bond

A love that makes it work

We constantly bounce things off each other

The temperature is 54 degrees outside

Sunny and I am going to enjoy a few hours that is left

Winter will be here soon enough

© 2021 DREAM ON

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