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Live Your Life-Make it Count

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.

Live your life

Live your life

The following are poems in response to the prompt "Life" provided by Brenda Arledge.

Brenda Arledge is a talented poet and a dear friend who creates magic with her words through her poems. Her poems always reach out and touch the hearts of readers.

She inspires us to write with her prompts; thank you, Brenda, for inspiring me to write.

The wheels of life

It goes round and round

My heart beats

To every minute

Of its sound

Tick-tock of the clock

Counts the seconds

The minutes the hours

The wheels of life

Go round and round

The wheels of life

Make no sound

Slowly time catches up with you

Old age comes creeping too

Counting every second

Every minute every hour

Life slips through

The hands of the clock

Time flies

The race never ends

The wheels of life

Keep turning

My friend



Live Your Life-Make Your Choice

Life is what you make of it; choose to steer towards the right path.

Trapped between two hands of a clock

I know not how much time I have locked

I am searching for the only key

That can solve all the mysteries for me

I know time can only count

The seconds of my life

Following me around

Time cannot dictate how I live

How I care how I give

Life can be full of happiness and fun

One day at a time

You can turn things around

Spreading happiness, laughter, and cheer

The wheel of life is yours

If you choose to steer

Always choose

To steer towards

The righteous path

© 2021 Nithya Venkat

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