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What's Wrong in Being Different?

Natasha Alva is a first time poet who enjoys reading novels and writes poetry as her pastime. She posts her poetry on Instagram.


Nothing, because being different is exactly who we are.


Such a beautiful word and yet so dangerous.

I ask myself that question a million times and my answer will always be the same.

I love the fact that I'm different.

I am glad that I have the mind to stay that with confidence.

But sadly, the heart is torn with it.

As I spend my days questioning my future endeavors comes the questions:

Can I be an animator someday?

I always wanted to create something for the screens.

I want to build my own characters and see their lives develop when I go to the cinema.

Can I be a singer as well?

Singing in front of a crowd, writing my own songs and compose them in my own free will was always a dream.

Not good at dancing though, but can be worth trying.

Can I be a writer?

Making stories are my forte.

Bringing out your imagination into paper that is going to inspire others is an achievement.

I can give a chance for readers to feel and explore a new world through storytelling.

Drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, playing the instruments, writing and other creative talents born in this world bring out the passion, love and color in every step of our lives.

As younglings, we were allowed to explore these wondrous gifts.

With encouragement from loved ones, we honed them with determination and perseverance.

It gave motivation.

It provided hope to dream and aspire these crafts.

And yet, here comes the time that the childhood stage has passed and the decision-making for our futures are being questioned.

With the main priority of survival, practicality and money should be first.

Forget passion and happiness for now.

Some would fight for it and if the heavens bless them, they are still supported.

But, there would be a population that would end up being shamed at the end of the day for their decisions.

What's wrong in being different?

What's wrong if we choose to be on the creative side and not on the academic side?

Why does it have to reach the point of being forced to go paths that we never wanted at all?

Is it for financial gain?

Is it for more opportunities?

Is it for the fancy titles that would give us more respect?

If it's for survival, it's understandable but the point of following stereotypes and orders like a puppet to fit in society tends to let us forget the one thing that is important in our lives: happiness.

We all deserve our own happiness.

We're not supposed to be robots that would require control from somebody else.

In the end, our actions will bring us to our fates.

Being different shows us who we really are.

Doing something we don't like brings misery and regrets.

Escaping from this pain requires more sacrifices and patience to do it for the sake of others' approval.

Never underestimate the power of dreams and passion.

In this judgmental society, being different gives us the strength to move past the criticisms and be yourself.

The end is all up to us.

Continue to search what our hearts want to tell us because that is what truly matters.


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