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What's in My Name: My Image, My Identity

Anupam, a teacher by profession has been passionately writing poems and stories as a hobby for more than two decades.


Neither the place to dwell forever here

Nor do we have a mighty body eternal,

Then what to do with this name surreal,

However, it appears to be pleasant or dear.

All the luxuries and the sparkling days will disappear

Every individual at the peak will have to fall down,

Neither your colour, your status nor your region will matter,

One day you will have to bow down and surrender.

Who can build one's future with just the infinite efforts,

Everyone is forced to walk into the dark bushy roads,

Time isn't such a companion who can give you any support,

He can deject you changing his colour at any moment.

When we have to leave this whole world one day,

The five elements are to be returned to the cosmos,

Then what's the need to cry for the fake name or fame,

That's not carried along with the eternal soul at the end.

May be the name of mine shows my ideal identity,

Does that show my gender or my character in reality?

Does that present my identical image with my dignity?

Then how my name is significant for my virtual prosperity?

I have been named Anupam which means unique

The one who cannot be compared with anyone else,

So are each and every creature on this universe,

As every life that breathes is different from the others.

It's true that not everyone knows the meaning of my name

A few who know are just critics to mock at every deed of mine,

And a few others considered it as a source of love and divine,

Maybe this will stay forever, even when I'll leave for the clandestine.

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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