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What's My Motivation?

Courtney is a redeemed soul and gladly thanks Jehovah in heaven for all He's done. Feels as poetry and belonging, loved.


I don't know or

do I

All I know


He is an ensample

First example.

From the beginning


the end

Alpha and Omega

What He says is always true-

as the author and creator of law

He holds it together, holding

to it. He won't lie.

His repentance of making man

Is that why Satan fell?

Is that how evil was born?

In the beginning

You gave us that point of understanding

Jesus. You gave even Him.

An angel asked Him, "Do not

make man. They will hurt you."

One angel cared, though the evil one

he dared use God's love against Him

Maintaining all, never overthrowing His law

If it could be destroyed, of God limiting Himself

For us? If He repented at the first sin

though prepared for the last

Limiting His word within first and last pages

Nothing hidden, at all

A reflection of Himself then?

A moment trapped forever

God's redemptive plan must have

been known to Him, for He repented

Though the God we belong to hold's tight

The enemy of our souls fights to separate us

So His people will never acknowledge the truth

That His love is more than we can understand

Some say, maybe as a parents love- though

Who on earth would be able to do what He's done?

I love you God.

It is more clear than ever before

our belonging has always been to You

You. Bigger than Your book.

Without taking our freedom of choice

Without prohibiting our voice, until

we've chosen the side of annihilation

Of all You hold together: for us.

You hold us to it, as well.

You hold us.

© 2018 Courtney Grant

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