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What's Love Got To With It?

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Love is such a strong emotion

It keeps me coming back for more

It carries me through the day

Every day

It brings a smile on my face where there was none

Not once and awhile

Every time

It makes me feel like a kid again

All giddy and excited

It reveals a side of me that I never thought existed

One that brings out my greatest talents

It also exposes my biggest flaws

I am o.k. with that

My highs are always better than my lows

I wake up with enthusiasm and joy

I tap into this love every day

Finding new ways that I haven't seen before

People spend their whole life complaining about the bad in the world

Which I am reminded about every day

On the news and everywhere I look

Then again

Who brings out the love that we feel ?

That gives us hope and more love

One that picks us up at our lowest point

One that holds us together when everything else is falling apart

It is love

Love comes in so many forms

Love for ourselves

All that we are and all that we are not

Love for another person

That feels so right

Love for animals

A respect and kindness for all living things

Love of doing something you enjoy

Love of a good movie

One that hits all the buttons

I have a love for reading words

That are in so many books

Endless stories and fascinations

Poems that tease all our senses

That makes you think and dream and wonder

When I read someone else's writing

That does that for me

I feel deep emotion and a goodness

A passion that is so hard to describe

I know the writer took so much time and effort

To tell their views or their story

They thought outside the box

Dreaming of what could be

Then taking their most incredible thoughts

Putting them on paper

Rearranged them in such a way

That made sense

Then kept at it until they were pleased

They were happy

They could have stopped at any time

There was no one to tell them to do it in the first place

They had no guide

No rules

No idea this is where they would be today

Spending their time and effort

Their most precious thoughts and ideas

To reveal them to the world

So other people can share

So they can also dig deep in their own heart

Revealing what makes them the happiest

What else could it be

But sweet love

A love of life

A love of enjoying so many freedoms

A love of people

That make us smile

Laughing and enjoying every moment we have left

It is a fact

Every day we have less time than we had before

Why not use it bringing out our true loves

Love of God or our creator

Depending on peoples views

Many people think that love always comes first

Why does it have to be in any order

I don't believe it has to be one or the other

Can't it be universal love?

One that motivates us to do good

To help other people when they least expect it

To make their day better

In return it can only make our day better

No matter what time I have left

I want to spend it on love

Watching nature

The snow falling is something I have seen many times

I never get tired or bored

It is always different

Listening to the rain

It comes out of no where

Getting everything wet for miles

I know how hard it is to water my garden

Reaching every plant

Pulling the hose out

Getting the spray just right

Those plants way in the back

There are so many loves in this world

Why limit ourselves to one, two or three

Let our list grow

We can go back to our greatest joys many times

Some people love to cook

That gives them ultimate satisfaction

Seeing something they created

That tastes so good

It fills their stomach

Other people love different hobbies

There are endless things to do

There are an endless ways to do it

Some people love sports

They can watch them all day

Then tomorrow they can't wait to see them again

Other people it may be just a fun activity

Knitting or drawing

I will let you decide

Who do you love?

What do you love?

I don't know if anyone else ever told you

Do what you love

Love will make you the happiest

It is never work when you do something that makes you feel great

There is no price tag or amount of money in the world

That can compare

A secret joy that connects us all together

When you love something

You are not taking away something from someone else

You are adding joy to the world

One that could use a little brightening up

So I don't know about you

I know my next move and the one after that

I know what I have always wanted in the past

I know what I want in the future

Now don't me wrong

There are so many ways to achieve the same feeling

So that is my challenge to you

Find someone you love

Find the most wonderful moments that make you the happiest

Mix them both together

Repeat over and over

Did I say repeat over and over

It is worth mentioning again

Repeat until you are the happiest you have ever been

Then you have found what so many people are searching for

True love

© 2022 DREAM ON