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Whatever Your Thinking

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It Makes Every Day More Interesting

I take a lot of pride

In dreaming constantly

Day dreams are a beautiful thing

Night dreams are filled with the unknown

Both dreams keep us guessing of all the possibilities

Not just for one day

But for our whole life

There are people that put all their energy into their career

No matter if they are in work or out of work

They give 120% every day

Other people live for sports

They follow every game

They can't wait for the next greatest athlete to come along

It makes them so happy

I live to dream

There are no boundaries

Everyone can join in

Where certain sports you have to know every player

Every team and their coaches

All I have to do is show up

Then let my mind roam like the buffalo

In an open field

Grazing and enjoying nature

As the morning sun tries to show it face

Still hidden in behind the grey sky

The rain has stopped

Now just wet and damp outside

I am better off inside today

When we have rain the bugs come out in full force

Me and bugs don't see eye to eye

I got stung by a hornet yesterday

The darn bug got me in my right arm

I put some white vinegar on it

Today some bacitracian

It is a little itchy and red

That darn little bugger got me good

Out in the yard

I am in it's home

So I can't complain

It was protecting it's family

I can relate

Even though it is a bug

I must of got too much sleep

If this was a sporting event

Bugs 1 Michael 0

Have a beautiful afternoon

Above all else

Watch out for those low flying tiny little guys

They may be small

Don't let their size fool you

They pack a mean punch