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What If ?!

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Yes....I am an escapist....finding refuge in things such as these....escaping reality to find solace amidst imaginations....


What if the sky was never concealed by the night...?

Would we have witnessed those ecstatic blinks of various sizes...?

Would we have ever known the value of the dazzling daylight...

That pleases us with the fiery elegance of sunsets and sunrises...?

What if the clouds never poured down the rain..?

Would have the ether then been embellished with the seven coloured crochet...?

How'd have the Earth filled it's empty bottles and washed away the importunate stain...

On the meadows blanketed with dwindling crystal beads laid by that heavenly spray...?

What if there was never a thing called "bad"...?

Would we have then hailed the good with the same triumphant song...?

What if looming tones of gloom never made us sad...?

Would have then.. happily saying "Cheese".. been considered wrong...?

What if death never knocked our doors...?

Would we have then cherished life so profoundly...?

Would have we been able to find meaning in those repetitive daily chores..

That we unwillingly love to discharge adroitly...?

What if the two of us had never met..?

Would I have known that true beauty had no limitations...?

Would have then this four chambered heart so rapidly beat....,

Instilling a reason to tread, on the path of unforeseen destinations...?

What if my mind had never cooked such questions...?

Would have I know the purpose of everything on this Earth...?

For now, these musings are served with an answer that mentions -

"There's a significance behind everything's birth..."

© 2020 Adnan

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