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What I Hear

Everyone might think it was too soon
For me to be as high as the moon
When I no longer feel the ray of sun
'Cause I'll be long gone
I know it was not right for me to decide
I am sorry if I chose to hide
The echoes and voices I hear
The thoughts on replay were so clear

I did not want to hurt you
It does not mean that I don' t care
I tried to fight, every day
I'm certain l forced to bear

But, I did not know it was so real
The feeling of letting go was a big deal
I am ready to see the cloud
The sound of calmness is loud
I don't feel the scars and bruises
I no longer hear voices
Again, I am sorry that I chose to be free.

It was everywhere, crossed my mind
Ideas that I can't seem to bind
I did not know how to run away
I thought if there was will, there would be way
As I stare a plate after dinner
The picture of me as a sinner
I never knew I could do it
It was never easy, believe it

I did not want this to happen
But, I did not want to be a burden
I tried everything, every time
I'm certain I forced the crime

I am not alone in this, I know
Let this be heard and glow
They also talk and think like this
Shouting for help in silence, please.

© 2018 Rhea Leejah

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