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What, You Egg!

Adnan shafi is a poet, writer, columnist, short story writer, and reviewer.

What , you egg!


What, you egg!

I am terribly sorry, I was just on my

way down to meet you ;but I saw your

car from behind and yelled to stop you

I knew you are angry as I, in my room,

slurred you , Oh!please don't worry

about it;

It really doesn't matter, that time

I don't know what happened to me ;

You know, actually, at the party, I lost my

sense when the red light went off, that

delay of about two seconds made me

call you...' what, you egg! '

I hope you don't think

I am too selfish but maybe

you can clear up the strife

about what's been going up

Well, it is just for the past,

let's shirk those extreme

hard things that arose ;

I am sorry but I am not

really at liberty now to

discuss the insult I did.

The three words.....

'I am sorry '

can be enough to douse

this bitter battle.

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