What Will We Do?

Updated on December 13, 2018
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This is a poem about when I was going through a rough marriage & I decided to express myself in writing a poem. Enjoy!

March 3, 2014

What will we do when the newness wears off? The laughter is silenced, but at what cost

The tears fall, the hearts break

I know I've had about enough of all I can take

Push came to shove & I got shoved over the edge

But now were both going down cuz I've pulled you off the ledge

This is the point where emotions have gone astray

When kissing your mouth is like kissing a dirty ashtray

I'm not attracted to you anymore either

What you say fucked that up long ago & the knife just got deeper

This is the point where hopelessness had made it's way in

There's no turning back now, nowhere to begin

Words have lost their effectiveness actions no longer count

The only thing that I feel is the numbness of emotions & constant doubt

Too scared to leave, yet too hurt to stay

We repeat the process day after day

Misery loves company, I guess that's true what they say

A glutton for punishment & sometimes I like it that way

Because I get to at least feel something instead Of being dead inside

I'm sorry things couldn't be different, I apologize for the tears you've cried

I guess my love wasn't enough, I guess I couldn't step up to the plate

Couldn't do what needed to be done & I'm sorry for my mistakes

I really hate the fact that you're never satisfied

I'm trying as hard as I can, but this is it...end of the ride

Why can't you get over your insecurities?

This fighting is just killing me....

The nagging is too much

Can't you just be nice for once? I thought we were In love

Let go of the past & don't bring up things from 5 years ago

It's time to end it & I'm sorry I couldn't play the part in the show

So now when I touch you it's like there's something different

You're randomly leaving w/o my permission

When you breathe I can tell that things aren't right

When I lay next to you I cant stop thinking through the night

You're isolating more & more & you don't take my suggestions

You think I'm trying to boss you around when I want this marriage to have a resurrection

It's dead & cold

What happened to the days where it was warm & bold?

Quit acting like you wanna be single

I can't keep doing this cause I'm slowly starting to dwindle

Off into the darkness

I can't lie because I've also been heartless

I've called you names, I cut you down

enough games, enough smashing each other into the ground

The guilt is all over my face

My pride is in the trash

Now we’re never gonna finish the race, were gonna finish last

You wanna fight in public, you wanna call me names

You wanna talk shit & I don't have time for these games

You wanna talk shit on my family & fight in front of my kids

You’re a crazy ass bitch & so now I've flipped MY lid

You wanna hold resentments & grudges

Living in misery & I'm sick of your judgments

If you want a divorce fine, if you wanna leave then go

Yah it's gonna hurt, but Ill get over it you know

Your lips are cold & your touch is hollow

What's going on? Is there more misery to follow?

© 2018 Eric Golden


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    • Pnknucklez profile image

      Paul Neglia 

      19 months ago from Poughkeepsie, NY USA

      Damn. Wow. I think weve all felt at least a piece of this amazing and painful write. I know ive dealt with an ex who had a boat load of insecurities. So i can definitely empathize with that. Nice write. Way to keep the rhyme through the pain.


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