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What Shapes You, Shapes Us


We always have to take care of something,
Who we are, what we do
It's only natural, it's only natural baby
that the good things in life
take a while
and can see your smile
Life has all it takes
I see myself as I am
Something deep inside feels just so right
You are so bright
And I know everything's going to be alright
Because now I've gained my sight
My dear crush
It all happened in a rush
At first blush
Changing me
Changing you
Feeling so good
Where before I was misunderstood
Until you noticed
We were sitting in that restaurant
waiting for that check
Until you took it back
And I could tell that
Something had changed
How you looked at me then
And it's just as good
As I imagined it should
I know you would
Because you're what it takes
When everything breaks
My heart shakes
And you know you make me feel awake
Feeling like a snowflake falling
You got me calling
Babe, I feel safe
You chafed my feet
You are so sweet
I can walk safely on the street
Until we meet
You make me feel complete


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