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What Matters Most in Intimate Relationships

Its not about what you wear that I like, Its not about what you say that I hear, Its not about what you do that matters, Its not about what you drive that counts, Its not about where you work that matters, Its all about how you feel and communicate that matters the most to me. Not a time you ever told me how you feel, Not a time you ever taught me to see the way you see things, Not a time you ever told me what you do at work, Not a time you ever told me what car your drive and have driven in the past, You past is hidden, How can we live in present with your past undiscovered, You prefer not to ponder about your past, I prefer to talk about my past, My past is all heard, your past is silent, How can I know how you feel about me now, Communication is what matters the most to me now, You don't seem to realise it. Until I'm gone, And you will come to realise the things you should have told me, But you never heard the chance, In fact you had all the chances but you just couldn't get it accross to me, You couldn't communicate to me at that time, You thought you could get over it, You though were were just fine, Thats how you saw it, But you did not see how I felt, How heartbroken I was to get you to talk, You just did not notice me at all, Its too late to regret, Now you realise that, Communication was the thing that mattered the most to me, But you lost it.

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