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What is the Meaning?

What is the meaning?
What personal accomplishment is worthy
Beyond love or kindness?

Is it to measure our limitations?

The speed of light or two man racing?

How far behind we actually are

A bomb versus a thousand suns
Destroying and not sustaining light
Silence in church versus outer space
Faith or the dark cold of vastness

But buying a toy for a foster child
Or visiting a man who won't recall

That is meaning to them

But to see a ceiling painted by a man
Or a needle full of freedom for mankind
To a preacher disillusioned by his sermon
These things are not enough for inspiration
Because his pews are full of sadness
They cannot wait long enough for hope

To desire life while praying for eternity
Do we really believe or do we merely cling
Like a man hanging by his fingernails
Knowing that time is soon for his fall

Is it really all we can do but love?


That is all that was asked of us

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