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What Is Love According to Me?

Love has been defined since years by different in different ways. This is how I define it . Read it and comment about your way of defining l

What is love according to me?

It is a guest in your heart whom you take care of.

It is the personification of the smile on your lips and the glitter in the eyes when you see the person you love.

It is like the cool breeze that touches you deep within and calms you forever.

It is like the storm that comes in a rush but keeps you in a daze for a long time.

It reflects blessing of the almighty.

It takes care of your soul even if the person is miles and miles away.

It is the gentle touch that wipes off all fears and scars.

Love is the blush on the cheeks, love is heaven on the earth.

It is like the plant which keeps growing even if you don’t water.

Love is like an addiction that needs no maintenance, if you wish to celebrate you may flaunt and if you wish to keep it a secret , you may hide it in your soul.
Yet just enjoy every essence of it.

Is one sided love painful?

Unrequited love is like a loving pain

You long to have it even if it hurts,

You long to have it but alas!

It is never reciprocated.

Yet you enjoy the pain of it, smile without the actual presence of it.

You read through the texts which probably had been casual ones, but you still discover the love in them.
That is how it flows.

Do you still believe in love?
Love does exist even if the person on the opposite side hurts you. You can neither forget love or replace it with anything else. It keeps existing deep within and every little moment of love that has been enjoyed in the past keeps sticking to your teeth like stick jaw candies. You keep holding on to it even if you do not want to.


1. If you are in a mutual love, keep loving and cherish the warmth of it.

2. If you are indulging in a one sided love, keep loving without expecting anything in return until one day the person reciprocates or you get someone else peeping into your heart.

3. If you have been ditched in love, do not stop believing in love. Love does exist , it is just that the person was never in love with you.

© 2022 Debangee Mandal

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