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What is a Generation Gap?

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

"What Is A Generation Gap?" is an article I wrote in response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 58 (Generation)."

It includes some thoughts to ponder and a few poems.

Hopefully, you'll relate to them.

"Generation X ~ Funny Forgotten Middle Child by Stacy Pederson"


Each Generation

As each generation passes, it leaves me wondering if we are really any better off than we were before.

We want our children to have all the opportunities we didn’t have when we were raised.

So, we tend to hand them the world on a silver platter.

Or rather, we dig deep down into our empty pockets to provide them a better life.


Hi-tech Innovation

In today’s world, the advances of technology offers us so many options.

Simply by tapping of a few buttons we gain instant access to knowledge which would’ve taken us hours to search for in an encyclopedia, if we were lucky enough to own a set.

Our way of communication as come a long way since the old corded telephones existed.

I know very few people who still actually have a phone in their homes.

We seem to opt for cellular service which virtually connects us to people across the world.

I personally talk with people from across the universe, like Australia, Spain, Bangladesh, Sweden, London, and several other countries.

Not to mention how quickly I can connect with family and friends throughout the United States.

Quite honestly, we send text messages to friends who live just down the street.

Which makes me stop to ask, has all this hi-tech innovation made us a bit lazy?

If we fall easily into this trap, what are our children are learning from it?

I’m all for making our future easier and learning new ways for our country to move forward, but at what cost?


Family Non-existent

In today’s world, we no longer see a family unit as a whole.

We don’t take time to sit down together and enjoy a family meal.

It’s off to after school programs, to practices, to jobs that take us away from our families because the world never shuts down.

Back in my day, Sundays were known as “Blue Sundays" where most businesses were closed.

It was a day for family dinners at Grandma and Grandpa’s house or a long country drive just to enjoy life.

We went to the bakery every Sunday around four o'clock when the cookies and donuts were just coming out of the oven.

A special treat and boy was it good.

Today, there seems to be a giant generation gap.

We no longer seem to care about the importance of family


Generation Gap

There’s a generation gap
that lingers overhead,
when new one’s come to age
we hold onto the past.

Stuck in moments
that only make sense to us,
not willing to give and take,
since we are the generation
that knows what it takes.

Stubborn pride or ignorance,
we’re set in our ways,
nothing can change our mind
to accept the young one’s ways.


Leave Me in My Generation

They call it music
but my ears disagree,
it sounds like someone screaming to me.

They say I’m not hip
wearing blue jeans with a belt,
but there’s no way, my ass is gonna hang out.

Sagging pants is not for me,
rap and this so-called screaming
can leave me be,
so, take me back to the days I know
and never ever let me go.


Our Vow to Do Better

Pockets were empty,
cupboards were bare,
all that we had
was love to share.

We never complained,
we had what we needed,
we went about each day
and never felt cheated.

We worked hard
putting food in our pantry,
providing a better life
for ourselves and the family.

Vowing to give our children
the things we couldn’t afford,
but it backfires on us
when the kids stop doing their chores.

Then we look around
and the cellar is stocked,
our wallets are full,
but there’s no love to share
because no one’s ever here.


Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers were the greatest,
we needed little to no supervision,
giving our parents a welcome time out.

We weren’t allowed to stay inside,
we had to go outside to play,
even on a cold winter’s day
they bundled us up
and sent us on our way.

In the summer
we took off on our bicycles
until the street lights came on,
that bewitching hour
when we all had to be home.

In the winter
we built igloos and forts
and the occasional snowman,
but we anxiously awaited the moment
the pond would freeze,
so, we could go ice skating.

We had no fear of stranger danger,
we always kept a dime in our pockets
for an emergency phone call,
we never argued over the television
because we all shared the only one
as we gathered around together,
each night as a family.

So, you see
Baby Boomers had it made,
we had independence
and a family.


Blessed be the ties that bind generations.

— Unknown

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