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What is a Dream?

Medini is a writer with a huge passion for poetry. She has been writing poems for more than 10 years, with many of them published.

A Dream Is Magical- It Can Do Wonders

A Dream Is Magical- It Can Do Wonders

What is a dream?
The vision that emerges in your sleep?
Although, that's what it may seem,
Its essence is far more deep.

For a dream is not just a fantasy,
It is our heart's deepest desire.
A dream can become a reality,
If you never cease to aim higher.

Dreams don't work unless you do,
Certainly not if you quit.
Any dream can come true,
If only we dare to pursue it.

-Medini Rajan

A Dream is Magical, it can do wonders! If any of you have a dream that you are too afraid to pursue, remember that You Only Live Once. Don't give up and take that chance :)

© 2020 Medini Rajan

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