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What is Silence? - Poems in Response to Brenda Arledge's Word Prompt

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.


The Backdrop

Brenda Arledge, a beautiful writer and a talented poetess, every week gives us a word prompt to help creativity within us. Many hubbers take part every week in her challenge and come up with something unique and joyful to read. This week, she has given us a word prompt “Silence”. This time I have written two poems on this word prompt. Hope Brenda and my hubber friends like my response.

The Poem is About

The word “Silence” means complete absence of sound.

Silence is a gift of opportunity to observe everything that surrounds us, from things to people, from nature to our interior life.

In the first poem, I have described silence in different human qualities with different examples. In the second one, I have described silence at different places.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Silence in Human Qualities

Letting someone ahead of you in line,

when you see they are in a hurry.

From changing diapers to wiping noses,

meeting a child’s every need for years.

Silence is humility.

When you accept pain without complaining

and giving reprisal.

When you pause to listen to others

and wait until your turn arrives.

Silence is patience.

When you rise above your anger

and forgive someone who may not deserve to be forgiven,

You forget without probing fault

and pray that your enemy be better.

Silence is magnanimity.

When you believe in God and have faith in Him,

You accept His pre-planned fate for you,

You believe He knows better,

And seek comfort in Him alone.

Silence is faith.

When the mind is quiet, there are no words to say

and no thoughts to describe,

We hear our own heart talking to us,

wisdom comes.

Silence is wisdom.

When the life is heavy and hard to take

You bow in a silent prayer, unable to describe the pain

But with a strong faith and belief in Him

He knows what’s in your heart.

Silence is prayer.


Never Underestimate Silence

Never underestimate the power of silence

It has so much to say,

But it is silent,

for the sake of good to happen

and not the bad if spoken.

Silence is a voice of patience.

It has a heart full of emotions.

A beautiful silence rises a new relationship.

A healing silence improves a weak relationship.

A worst silence breaks the relationship.

A silence in a empty house and the tick tock of wall clock.

A silence on the beach and calming sound of the waves.

A silence in the dawn and pleasant chirping of the birds.

A silence in an afternoon and blowing of the wind, whoosh.

A silence in an evening and pittar pattar of rain on the roof.

Isn’t silence beautiful?

Silence says more than words.

It is a blessing for a writer,

to create an excellent piece of writing for readers.

© 2021 Rozlin

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