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What is Love's color?


Love is Life.

What is love?
Love being a sacrifice,
Love is forgiveness.

Yes, I did love,
I loved him,
That's why I left him,
Because love is not an achievement,
Love is not things of judgement,
Love is just love.

Love does not have any conditions.
Love doesn't require permission.
Love happening
And just happen
When, where, who's
No one knows it.
After love happen
It is real.

My love's colour is so deep.
You never forget it, even you sleep.

Love is full of color.
But it does not have one color.

The color of love is sometimes red and sometimes green.
Love is sometimes blind and sometimes seen.

The color of love is sometimes yellow and sometimes blue.
But true love is always true.

The color of love is sometimes saffron and sometimes pink.
But love is not a simple juice to drink.

Love's color is so bright.
But my love's color was white.

Love is a river of fire in which to drown,
The one who drowned in the river has passed,
The one who passed from the river has failed.

Love is worship that is performed by heart,
The one you love, don't hurt.

Love is a piece of soul,
To my lover I dedicated my whole.

Love is the coolness of eyes.
Love is the star of the sky.

Love is magic,
Love is heart's music.

Love is life
And life loves.

© 2022 Babykhushbu

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