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What Do We Do


What Do We Do

What do we do when we look back on life, from the place that we've reached, a place we don't like. And regret fills our soul, 'cause we're not where we planned, or the plans that we had are not the plans we now hold.

And the time left ahead is less half of what's been, yet the path left to trek is the hardest yet seen. And our strength feels unequal to the yoke of our lives, and our life feels a trap set with hardship and lies.

And draining us further is comparisons curse, where others success makes our failures seem worse. For to look at their lives is to wonder, 'how come?' To lamenting of choices that can't be undone.

Or what do we do with those sins that won't die, the ones that revisit―or worse, we invite? 'Til regret fills our soul and we try, once again, to resist sins allure and make our amends.

Which way do we turn when our credos of faith, are unsettled by life’s tempestuous waves? When doubt like disease runs its course through our mind, dissolving our peace and leaving us blind.


How do we walk, when we stagger to stand, our thoughts filled with pitfalls, our hopes sinking sand. As we go through the motions, letting life set our course, for the lack of ought strength to resist it by force.

When we cling to convictions by the barest of threads, and our hopes barely whisper in laboring breaths. And the fear we dread most is in losing our faith, falling foul to despair and the future it taints.

To our kids we pretend a convincing facade, our manner at odds with the lead in our hearts. So we hide from the voice and the truth it professes, and seek out distractions in hope that they'll bless us.

But the grind wears us down, and the voice lingers on, and we know in our heart that we can't carry on. And so‒—one more time‒—we fall to our knees and we pray once again in tear choking pleas...


..."Help me Lord—help me be; help me know you and see; grant me peace, grant me joy, Oh God, set me free. Rid my life of regret, make straight paths for my feet, and pardon my faults, they are great, I am weak.”

Teach me love, faith and hope, let them ring in my life, help me overcome guilt through your grace, not through strife.

And God hears, and he knows, e’en 'fore we did ask, all our fears, all our doubts; He sees through the mask. He sees when we stumble. He watches us stand; cling to our faith as we fall to our hands.

To the place we are at, there his arm reaches down, an invisible shield lest we be overcome. Our limits He knows, and his own has he set, forbidding our testing beyond what is met.

Through our ache he does whisper, “My child, I am here, the world, though so fallen, can't my love disappear. Though you long for a house in a land of no storms, my desire for you is that you first be re-formed.

Reformed in your thinking, your hopes and your fears, your loves and your hates and your smiles and your tears. To think like my Son, who, though tested by strife, learnt to trust me so fully he could give up his life.

'Twas hope of joy set before him, in a life yet to be, that enabled my Son to give his life up for thee.

Trust in Me!”, God appeals in response to our pain, “the suffering of earth is but a glimmer in time. The world it will pass, but my promise lives on, the promise of life resurrected again.”

"Resurrected and changed, in the blink of a eye, where the sufferings of earth no longer apply. The pain of your weakness shall be replaced by My strength; no sighing, no crying, no regret and no death.”

Thank you God! For your wisdom, for your will and your plan. I will trust in your promise, I will live like I can: Redeemed from this life, in hope set so free, I will live now for others, and so live for thee.

And when my soul, as it must, journeys on from this world, and I sleep no more for to wake. What will I do as I cross between worlds? My Lord, I'll rejoice in my fate.


© 2017 Richard Parr

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