What a Proud Heart!

Updated on January 23, 2018

Covered in thick black ash,

not a ray of light could enter.

It hardened into a rock,

and nothing could pierce its center.

Oh what a proud heart!

No sponge could clean its surface,

no air could pass through its scales.

Full of evil schemes and desires,

and of dark untold tales.

Oh what a proud heart!

Threaten it and it will slay,

feed it and it will devour.

No one could tame it like a pet,

nor can anybody dare to control its power.

Oh what a proud heart!

A short life is its gift,

a rotten apple is its fruit.

It plans to end its victims,

like an ant crushed by a boot.

Oh what a proud heart!

© 2018 Oliverspot


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