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What a fool

What a fool

I fell for you

oh I feel like a fool

cause now it's all over

Don't want to be here

but don't want to go back

can't see it clear

We've just run out of track

Now all I have are the memories

of you and me

used to be so in love

now nothing is enough

Feel so broken and shattered

like nothing else matters

how could it all just fade away

when we promised forever and a day

Still I feel like a fool

when I'm thinking of you

but there is no fire

no more love to inspire

Now I just get through the day

wondering if there's a way

to survive without fading away

So I just hope and I pray.

That there's a way to more than get by

while I hold in the tears that I don't want to cry

So I'll just keep living and hoping

and just barely coping

With everything life throws my way