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A Wonderful Morning!

I am up from bed early , it’s almost dawn, no one is near,

I go outside, stand on the lawn, find the sky totally clear !

The grass is wet, flowers ready to bloom, due drops are there,

I come close, gently touch them all, with all curiosity, as I stare!

The Sun slowly comes in view, the sky is so colourful and bright,

Difficult to imagine thick clouds were there, it rained and rained all night!

Birds have started to come out of their nests, they chirp, sing and fly

flapping their wings, in utter delight, as the weather is nice and dry.

It’s the beginning of a new day and it appears will remain nice and gay,

I take a stroll to the country side, see farmers in the field, I smell the hay.

People’s activity takes a good start, they appear to be in jubilant mood

with the hope to have a beautiful day in hand makes them feel so good!

River water is flowing gently and happily glittering in the sun,

What a lovely cosy winter’s morning it is ! I am enjoying the fun.

I am enjoying the Nature’s beauty to my heart’s content and feel so happy, I must say!

that the Lord has kept me alive to enjoy life, granted me one more day to stay!

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