What a Blast

Updated on January 25, 2018

The last entry in my diary

The last one before I die

Although it seems a bit sad

I’ve never been one to cry

But I promise by the end of this

You’ll be glad I am gone

And your laugh shall haunt me

For I deserve it, I’ve wronged

An explosion here, an explosion there

A thunderous applause for me, the best

Be it the young, the strong, or the old

It didn’t matter, I put them all to rest

Their cries fueled my heart

As blood painted before my eyes

For only the dead spoke the truth

In this world filled with lies

But in the end, I am not quite sure

How I managed to cause this much pain

How in between a drought of war

I managed to make blood rain

I guess we all have our fate

A so-called destiny

Mine was to keep killing

Oh the pleasure it gave me

But wait, don’t start cheering just yet

I’ve got one last show for you

I plan to blow up this world

The world in which you live too

So I’m sorry I made you believe

For the last laugh shall be mine

You may curse all you want over a dead man

for a dead man is cured of all his crimes


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