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What You Should Be


Poem about Nature

Hear that burping sound of river,

Hear those birds singing in the trees,

Look at that morning dew on the leaves of the grass.

Feel the fresh breath of air.

Keep an eye on the foggy mountains,

And make a beat with the dancing flowers.

Shed a joy under the rain,

Bring a smile above the sun.

Let the gloomy clouds make you happy.

Turn the dry foliages into fresh.

Keep your head up in the sky,

With your eyes gaping to the rainbow.

Be like the daffodils, be like the roses.

Be like the stones in the flowing rivers.

Be like the birds chirping in the morning.

Be like the rainbow after the storm and the rain.

Continue to bloom though seasons come across,

Befriend nature, bear all its blessings.

You are nature's charm for longevity.

Hold out hope to revive nature after every downfall.

© 2022 Sheen Lor Bermudez

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