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What Put an End to Wrong Ancient Belief in the Island #3

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When he arrived at the place, the enemies have burnt all the houses within the island and

Have plundered the store house of the island and have left with hostages of war. They were

Able to see one baby who perhaps have been covered by smoke of fire of the burning house,

He was asked of the route they had taken and he pointed to the place they took. They

Pursued them and met them at the river bank where they were resting and refilling their

Bottles of water before they would make advancement. They called unto them and the young

Warrior asks that they should let his people go. But they said they can never do that,

Thence another fight broke out and because he is an expert warrior and gifted in mysticism,

He was able to use some of his spiritual powers to fight with them and release some of the

Warriors in their custody, those people started assisting him and the war was very severe

That day. The day was a longer day and a shorter night because of this they were able to fight

Into the night. And when the enemies saw that many of them have been overpowered they

Surrendered. He rescued his people from the enemies hands. After leading them

Successfully back to their island, he bid the leaders farewell, but the leaderships would not

Allow that, for a person who has singularly delivered them, without prior notice, he cannot be

Allowed to be living with the animals again. they asked him to come and live among

Them. Then he told them that his mother yet lives in the wilderness and she will be expecting

Him even if he will be living among them, he has to go and inform her he replied them. The

Leader told him that he cannot return alone to his mother, and he has sent important

People to accompany him to the wilderness to pleas with his mother to return to her island

And be living with them. His mother was surprised when she saw the retinue of people who

Followed him into the wilderness and thank them for accompanying his son to their

Abode. They delivered the King’s message to her that the king and the leaders of the people

Want them to return to the island, but she replied that she has fled the island because she does

Not want to lose her only son, whom she discovered as he was growing that he is left-

Handed. Because her love for her husband could not allow her to marry another man that was

Why she left the island with him to be living alone, trusting that the Divine being would turn

The place they are living into palace for them. That has been the case, as the gods have

Been with them and have empowered her son for her. Today she is the most joyous person on

Earth because her son has delivered the island from the enemies to show the people of the

Island that it is not every one who uses left-hand that are dangerous neither associated

With dangerous people. She asked them to leave that they are comfortably living where they

Are. The people sent by the leaderships pleaded with them to please forget the past, for it was

Teach the children well ( with lyrics) - Crosby Stills

Ignorance that brought about that, what the young man has done shows that the wicked

People will always behave wickedly while the good people will act well. They agreed with

Them and left for the town. When they got to the town, the people had gathered at the market

Square, with the King and his cabinet members in attendance. The King while addressing

The people thank them all and especially the young man for not visiting their mistakes on

Them by ignoring to come to their assistance and deliver them. We have gone too far on our

Decision against those people who were using left hands in the island, we have wrongly

Judged them and have left many bereaved when we killed those who we know were left-

Handed among them after the first discovery of the dangerous left-handed people among us. I

Think it was the blood of the innocent ones among them that was crying for vengeance, it

Was their blood crying that made our warriors despite their efforts and trainings to save the

Island from the hands of the enemies when they arrived. However, because the Supreme One

Knows that what we did we did in the integrity of our hearts he yet had compassion on us,

By preserving a great warrior he has trained himself for us. Intriguingly, the preserved

Warrior was a left-handed one, and he is the one He has used to save the island to show us

That we have erred in judgment. He has shown us our mistakes and we are deeply sorry.

We therefore pleaded with others whose children are left-handed not to leave the island and

Should live among us, train their children among us, for we discover that it was because the

Parents of those deadly left-handed children did not train them well, that was why they

Joined bad gang and could be manipulated into doing terrible things by dangerous people in

The society. Therefore, we implore everyone to train their children well like this woman has

Trained well her son, though without husband she trained her well as we all could attest

To today. For what she and her son have done for the island the leaderships of the island has

Resolved that they would build for them a new house in the name of her late husband and

Father and many people have been assigned to be their servants working on their

Farmland and doing other house hold chores for them. The woman thanked the King and the

Leaders for what they have done, bringing them back home and canceling the killing of

Innocent children who are left-handed in the island. The process was ended by singers

Who sang song of victory while maidens who are dancers danced to entertain the gathering.


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