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What Put an End to Wrong Ancient Belief in the Island #2

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He adds that, the killings, and the kidnappings, they sell the parts of their bodies to people

Outside the island and some they will use to fortify themselves. When the youths heard of

This they were annoyed and they could not be stopped from stoning them to death. After they

Had been killed since then the people have negatively been interacting with the left-

Handed people in the island, and anyone they know is a left-handed person would be secretly

Murdered by the people. Therefore anyone who discovers that his child is using left hand and

Could not curb him or her to change to right hand, if the parents do not flee the island

With the child, the child would be killed immediately the leaderships get to know about this.

But those who love their children would flee to the wilderness and be living there alone. One

Woman whose husband died immediately after given birth to her son and who has vowed

That she will never remarry again on noticing that his son is using left hand, started

Controlling the son. But irrespective of her efforts she could not stop the child from using

Left, thence, before the news spread into the island, she relocated to the wilderness with

Her son. In the wilderness the son became a very powerful hunter, and there he has been of

Immense assistance to many of the hunters who are natives of the island when they are

Confronted with dangerous and deadly animals. After delivering them and those people

Discovered that he uses left hand, they would flee him saying, he may turn around to kill

Them later or that what he is doing is an enticement to lure them into bigger troubles. His

Dear Hate (feat. Vince Gill)

News reached the people of the island but since he was living in the wilderness the

Leaderships after deliberating on him concluded that he be left alone in the wilderness where

He lives since he has neither come into the island, nor have anyone reported of evil

Occurrences in the island. He continued in the island. However over the time those who

Were sponsoring those left-handed people since the year that those left handed people have

Been eliminated in the island, those sponsoring them have sent messages to the people of the

Island that they are going to pay them back because they have caused great havoc to their

Establishments, what they were using them for, they cannot use them for, neither have they

Find other people to fill the vacuum. The people of the island have forgotten this threat until a

Year that they sent another reminder to them, that what they had stated then, they will

Fulfill the following year during the time of the harvest when they will take over their

Farmlands and their harvests. Some of the elders while deliberating stated that they were

Bluffing, while others said they should ensure that they get ready for the enemies. They

Sent the chief security officers to his people and the need to contact them if they need

Anything to boost their preparations. Exactly a year after the message, those enemies arrived

Live tides of the sea upon the island, and the destruction was much. They had overcome

Them, but one of the people escaped into the wilderness where he briefed the left-handed sole

Warrior that the enemies have overtaken their island. Her mother pleaded with him to do

Everything to save the island, for this is the period to let them know that it is not all left-

Handed people who are malicious and dangerous beings. He climbed his horse and left for the island to stop the enemies.


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