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What Put an End to Wrong Ancient Belief in the Island #1

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This island like many other islands during ancient days are in no wise different in their

Perspectives and dealings with the left-handed people. In fact it could be stated that how the

Ancient people of the island treat the left-handed people is even worst than how people from

Other islands are treating and dealing with them. Those people from other islands, view the

Left-handed people commonly called “lefty” sinister people, which the Latin people have

Coined from the word “left”, terrible and dangerous things have been associated with the

Lefty people. In addition to how people from other islands look, deal and interact with

Them the people of this island, have been killing those they know are left-handed people,

Because it has been said that there were some people within the island centuries ago who

Have been very dangerous, it has been said that there were repeated kidnappings, killings

And mysterious deaths within the island during those period and people have appeased the

Gods to have mercy on them and not be angry with them again, for it was their believe that it

Was the gods of the island who have been angry with them that such things were

Happening to them. They talked to their high priests to appease the gods and he has done

That, assuring them that the gods have stated that nothing called evil of such high magnitudes

Will happen in the island again, that it is for their enemies. But the following day, what

They discovered was the death of another promising youth and kidnappings of three babies.

This worried the leaders of the town and they had to run to priests from other islands to help

Them in talking to the gods, and he has also brought them the same words as their high

Priests. When they noticed that what their high priest brought unto them was what he stated

They had to ask him to help them find the cause of the incident. On talking to the gods, the

Sikora - Stop The Hate (In Memory Of Trayvon Martin)

Gods replied that the caterpillars eating the vegetable leaves are beneath the leaves, adding

That the gods have no hand in all that is happening in the island, and if they want to know

What is happening within the island, they should employ more hands as their security

Personnel and monitor all the hidden places within the island. When they returned to their

Island, they employed more hands as their security personnel and fortifying them. after doing

This, they also call upon all leaders of each street and compound to be reporting any

Malicious and suspicious movements to the chief security officer of the island, for they

Need to stop what is happening. Because majority of people within the island have been

Affected one way or another, they were all alert and some have to suspend their farm works

And other jobs to fight the common enemies which they do not know that wanted to

Destroy the island. The third day after they have intensified their efforts at getting those

People they saw some lefty gathered at a place, under the mountain at the entrance of the

Island, and there they discovered that what they were doing is suspicious, they walked

There and asked for what they were doing there, but those people replied them harshly and

Before they could utter other words they opened fire on them. that was how those security

Personnel sent for additional force to be mobilized to where they were. Through the

Combined efforts they were able to defeat them. After defeating them, they entered their

Hideouts and discovered so many terrible things there, the bones of people they have killed,

Some of their carved idols which they believed had been stolen by the enemies were

Discovered one of the lefty who was yet alive was interrogated and he was the one who told

Them that they were the ones behind many of the atrocities happening in the island, and that they were the ones who will plant people to be chanting that it was the gods who were

Angry with the island and be calling the leaderships irresponsible people.


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