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What Precious Children are These


The innocent, children of the world, their care turns a page,

The drama seekers, greedy at heart, now do set the stage.

All precious babes must have a future, we must do our part,

Should provide good lives ahead, all growing strong, so smart.


How dare the so-called leaders, to fail, taking away their chance,

This job is a responsibility, ours to prepare, not a happenstance.

Not only are we stewards of the soil, but the life forms all around,

Children deserve more, in a country where wealth does abound.


When will the majority to take hold, the helm of a wayward ship,

Our country built on precepts strong, every foe faced, we whip?

Where honor and devotion once showed, we need to see again,

This country formed from common people, democracy to defend!


As responsible adults and good-hearted folks now is time to act,

The small ones all depend upon us, to show maturity to be exact!

Should we allow those irresponsible, to take us down as a whole,

History records our poorest losses, despite honors shown, untold.


© 2018 whonunuwho

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