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What More Less What

You always want more
More out of life
More out of me
We are who we are
I’m sorry it’s so simple

I don’t want for much
You can’t make me fill myself
Beyond how deeply felt I am
Is all that I feel all I that am
That is all the more there is to me

Less of you is more of me
Doesn’t it sound like my selfishness
More of you is less of me
Doesn’t it sound like your freedom?

My heart thinking without reason
My mind drowning in rising blood
But that was nothing new
Only an empire is more hurtful
Than a morning without you

The bell shone brightly by its sound
The rope clinging tightly to his hand
Inside the darkness it could not wait
The sun was not its purpose
Neither a full moon
Only the ears of a lonely man
Who will always be less without you