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What Makes Us Human?

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Lee is an aspiring writer who makes poems in his free time. Words and lines give him comfort in trying times.

What does our lives mean?

What does our lives mean?

It isn’t the way we talk

Or how on two legs we walk

It’s on the hands of a mother or a painter

Able to bring life and meaning to another.

It’s not because of his muscles

Or the ability to solve puzzles

But how he carries on after pain

And make those losses his gain.

It’s not with his 20/20 vision

But his great hope and ambition

He fills his home with love and grace

And tries to make the world a better place.

Mistake is in his nature

As he hangs on in this venture

But as long as he sees a light

He goes up and continues to fight.

No person is ever the same

Every day is exciting or mundane

Different faces, different culture

Without unity, what’s going to be his future?

© 2019 Lee Yael

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