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What Makes Today Different Than Yesterday ?

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All Life Is Constantly Changing

In our mind we see it as the same old thing

Another day

We see almost the same people

Do the same job

I constantly squeeze in the time

To visit a few friends

One in a nursing home the other in an assisted living

I can't imagine not going outside in the fresh air

Even though most of my time is spent driving to and from

I do walk a little every day

It is like a prison sentence for those who did no crime

Come home eat get a shower and relax

Listen to a little of the news

Text or talk to a friend

Maybe do a few chores around the house

Cooking and washing up some dirty dishes

Even throwing in a load of laundry

Taking out the garbage

In our free time

Maybe read a book

Go On YouTube or other favorite web sites

I look around my house

I see all different technical devices plugged into every outlet

Cell phones to Ipads

I wonder if I am getting the most out of my day

I haven't gone to the gym in weeks

Make that months

Busy with work and such

Both my wife and I enjoy spending time with our cat

We have been blessed with good health

During this horrible flu season

What more could I ask for

What more could I want

Most people want a different job or at least a job that pays more

Would that really make us any happier ?

Would we just spend more and have less time than we do now ?

These are just a few of the questions I ask myself every day

The answers are just a click away