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What Makes Me Write


I questionmyself,

Why am I writing?

Not once, Not twice, but many times.

I am not a writer

Not even dreamt of being one.

So why am I writing?

The answer came from my inner soul.

“ In this short span of life,

You have seen many things.

The good ones are less,

The bad ones are more.

Before your soul gets saturated with disheartening feelings and experience,

Let it out from your heart,

Let it out before its too late.”

Then works my Brain.

“You better start writing

I know you speak less.

Let the tears roll down as you write,

Let the bad memories leave the soul.

Fill in good days, fill in happiness.

Let writing be the weapon to cope with your loneliness.”

So here I am writing,

From my heart and soul.

So here I am writing,

To relax myself and to help me reach my goal.

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