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What Makes A Dreamer ?

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The Unlimited Possibilities Hooked Me From The Start

You can go anywhere and be anything or anyone at any time

Rules are used as fuel for a nice warm fire

Traveling far and wide

Breathing the same air everyone else takes for granted

Taking everything that is no good in the world and making it useful

Finding love and excitement in every corner

You learn to take words like no, can't, wouldn't, shouldn't and never

I put them in a homemade twister

Twisting them in every direction possible

After awhile sometime days

They are turned into pulp to make new words that sound more refined and polished

Always, absolutely, making, doing, creating

Are just a few for starters

Progress is an every day thing

The best part is we focus on lifting people up

To a place they never thought possible

Replacing the old way of thinking

With yes we can and wait and keep watching until it happens

We swallow doubt and uncertainty like food

To give us more energy

Each day is so different

Every night is unlike any other

Every person we meet is not an obstacle that we have to hurdle

Instead is an opportunity and an endless adventure

Every problem can create another solution

We have to solve

There is always something to do

So I am never bored

The key to dreaming

Is forget what you know

Follow your heart and away we go

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