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What It Feels Like to Have Home

photo by Harju's

photo by Harju's

As the sun goes up,

I wake up

in the street

dirt and grime torn old shirt

so cold, and so wind

I cover myself a cot with a blankets

that I've just pick in the street

for others, it is worthless

Leaves have flown from west to east

cold wind blowing

I can feel

I was still lucky to have

old boots and old jeans

it is my safe guard

My protection

for easing the breeze

I was shivering, hungry, and thirst

I was lost and no home

sitting in there with a cup in my hand

and small cardboard in front of me

I've just Watching the days go by

it feels like the economy

Bowing my head

I can't think

My stomach rumble and I'm so weak

slowly someone with a good heart

drop coins. I heard it

little they know,

as a homeless

we really appreciate It

I Move forward through the day

by cleaning car glasses and their windshields

go along with my buddies

performing on the street

After that

we help public to clean the street

collecting all the bottles selling it

it's a tragic

daily routine


we need to survive and to live

it is a reminder for all of us

that It's hard to live in the street

At the end of the day

I've earned a bit for foods

a reward for myself

a bread and a soup

it's not that much

but it's all worth it

it's night time

In the night time the world was so different

there were screams and cries, I saw blood and gore

stray dogs barking

the deafening sound from the car echoed around the


the Smell of alcohol wafted through the street

As the nights going deeper and deeper

flick, the ragged street lights rapidly went out one by


the street was deserted, and the night felt eerie and


Huge giant buildings stood beside the street, so quiet

and pitch black

but others still give light

The distant trees blow and howl in the gale like


The clouds had gotten a sudden fascination to the

moon and wrapped themselves around it

The rain start pouring, which was now deaf to ears

I hurried to find some place to stay in

but there's no place to be seen

My stomach was churning, and my knees felt weak

as I walk In the street to find a place to stay in

My guide is the moon

but hazy clouds envelope the moon

so only an old street lamp seemed to have stayed in a

time which the rest of the city had forgotten

A tears stumbled and tossed down my face leaving

glossy lines

I keep walking and walking and walking

and the wind is picking up

My chance of hope boost in when I saw a big old

abandoned bridge

In a pitch-black tunnel under the bridge, I

huddled for warmness

rustling of cats in the wheely bins

the rain and the wind

In the silent gloom,

I'm still up and awake, tucked away in the little


My face lit with a fire light

with the little fire that I made

sit in there

dreaming how it feels like to have a home

a bunch of food to eat

a warm cosy snuggly house

a treasure to live.

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