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What Is the True Purpose of This Life?

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Amara is a writer and love to express her thoughts and emotions through poems and poetry.

Find true purpose of your life.. Photo credit, Pixabay..

Find true purpose of your life.. Photo credit, Pixabay..

Life is short, instead of wasting it, do something good enough, that make people remember us in good words, when we are gone from this world.

Some untold desire

deep down in my heart

Some unspoken words

unsaid and unheard

Thoughts coming in your head

unrealized, actually unsaid

Things you actually

cant share to anyone

Share them to your God

He is aware

of even a little thought

passing by your heart

All the guilt and your sins

confess them, tell I am ashamed

Running after

my mad desires

Money, luxury,

Diamonds and sapphires

I never bothered

to please you God

Even having it all,

I was never thankful at all

Many don't even have

enough food to eat

Two meals a day

that's their biggest treat

Even having nothing at all

they are more thankful to Lord

Praising Him day and night

they are happy and satisfied

Now when I look at myself

What have I achieved in my life

My heart confessed

I wasted it all

How silly I was

Life is short, and

time passing by so fast

Years like months

Months like weeks

and weeks like some hours

Its like a lullaby

Soon we have to die

But we still got some time

by the blessing of God

Do something good

Spread love, and share joys

Help the needy

Feed the hungry

And leave the reward

for the day of judgement

And then the angel of death

will be knocking at your door

Time is over, and you are

summoned by your God

He will ask how much time

did you get? How long did you live?

Soul will reply may be a day

or actually, a few hours

This life is like a dream and

death is like you woke up from it

What you will plant

You will cut that crop

Its only your good deeds and virtues

that you will take along with you

No money, no lands

No jewels, and pearls

Everything will be left behind

These are just illusions that make you blind

So good souls, no worries at all

Hold the rope of God, He will never let you fall

Your Lord will be pleased by you

and you will be pleased by your Lord

You have earned good deeds

He will give you a great reward.

© 2021 Amara

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