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What Is the Speed of a Thought?

I Will Be Darned If I Know

But what I can tell you

Thoughts come out rapid fire

When we are in the groove

Other times they are no where to be found

As if they left town

What makes them so powerful

To me they have a touch of the unknown

How we can be relaxed one minute

Then we hear a word or a noise and then off in a whole new direction

Our thoughts free

Some people think we are tamed by our surroundings

What does nature have to do with it ?

I feel my best outdoors out in the fresh air

With grass or dirt under my feet

When I am inside

I like feeling the heat of the sun on my forehead

I also like to close my eyes

Listening to my body

When most of the time

I never give it any attention

i just expect it to do what it has always done

Take care of me

Every way possible

I try to return the favor

Keeping it out of harms way

There is just a feeling

That we should keep looking for tips

Little clues are all around us

That keep us on track

Every chance we get

Exploring the world we know so little about

Making our day fantastic

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