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What Is The First Thing We Do When We Get Knocked Down ?

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Think For One Second

How did this happen?

Life was going so great

I can remember when I was having the time of my life

Now things have certainly changed

I have to decide

This is not where I want to be

Both my mind and my body are not happy

I must make a change

It is a blow to my ego

That I didn't do something right

I have pull myself together

It is not easy

I can find many reasons to complain

Once I accept this option

I believe what happened to me

Was beyond my control

Then I can feel helpless and powerless

If I refuse to accept this position

I can hold myself fully responsible

Then I can take action

Preceeding in a plan

To get up

No matter how hard it may be

Rise above my current situation

Refocus and find a way

To bring it all together

It could be a simple sniffle to a cold

A rough day at work

A disagreement with your wife or significant other

Stress of car repairs, doctors bills and other expenses

Your pet is not doing well

The list can be an extensive one

All these things can play a part

Combined or by themselves

Can develop into a real problem

It is not that we haven't been here before

We know that in life this happens

Things don't always go as planned

It is up to us

To lift up

Looking ahead forward to what we want

Instead of being stuck to where we are

Then make today a better day