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What Is The Best Version Of Me I Can Be ?

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When I am a sleep

I dream so many dreams

When I am a wake

I do what I think is right

Trusting in myself and the littlest action I might perform

Life is no accident

There is a great purpose and a plan

So extreme and wonderful

I think it is up to each person

To spend our own life searching for that purpose

One that not only satisfies our deepest desires

One that changes the world in one small way

That helps other people

Tips the scale so far in the good

We know that one day

There will be something so terrrific as a result

Each day may seem so insignificant

You will here other people often say

Just another day

You know that is farthest from the truth

It is beautiful and magnificient

You sit in awe in anticipation and excitement

With butterflies flying wild and free

Twirling around in your stomach

Like the fastest and biggest amusement ride you have ever seen

You hear people talk

That is the best

That is the craziest


Then you also see how soon people quickly forget

You can't help but be puzzled

Is it human nature?

To live the greatest thrill and then dismiss it like it never happened

Down playing it as it really couldn't be so extraordinary

I believe in miracles and the power of love

That makes everything so complete and satisfying

It does not mean life is not with its challenges

We as people have to work very hard and pull together as one

Lifting a hand

Then when we least expect it

Something new and different will develop

Mother's day has come and gone

To all those mothers who gave us our precious life

Why are we not forever thankful and grateful?

With my own mother gone eight years now

I am so blessed I got to experience my mother's love

As long as I did

My family found a way

To celebrate and go out for a nice lunch

Like so many other people do

The day was beautiful and relaxing

As my wife and I were leaving the restaurant

I held the door while another family was coming in

I noticed a mother having trouble walking

The man with her quietly said she forgot her cane

I instantly sprang into action

I let go of the door when she made it safely through and held her by the arm

The man who I think was her son

Thanked me gracefully

I said no problem

I let the woman know

Take your time

No rush

We stopped so she could catch her breath

As we covered the long stretch

From the walk down the hall to her front row seat

She thanked me so much

I asked how old is mom



i couldn't help but think

That's how old my mother lived to be

I listen to the woman

Gasping for air

Trying to catch her breath

I held her arm gently but firmly

The man said we got her

He grabbed both her arms

I didn't leave her yet

I wanted to see her to her seat

I held her body safely

Only a few more steps to go

She sat herself in a chair

I wished her a Happy Mother's Day

Then I gave her a kiss on the cheek

The man couldn't be more appreciative

Now other members of her family now gathered around her

The man asked my name

I said Michael

As I left

I met up with my wife

Who had walked outside of the resturaunt

A couple of steps ahead of me

She wondered where did I go?

As she waited outside in the light rain

I told her I went to help a lovely lady

She didn't want to go back in the resturaunt

Thinking we would pass each other at two different sets of doors

As we walked side by side

I couldn't feel more proud

To share one more loving, unexpected moment

That bonds people together

At the same time

Gives us each a new joy to experience

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